texts: lo jong tsi je ma (eight verses for training the mind)

with the determination to accomplish
the highest welfare of all sentient beings,
who excel even the wish-fulfilling jewel,
may i at all times hold them dear.
dhak ni sem chen tam che la
yeshen nor bu lih la peh
dhon chok dub pei sam ba yei
chok du chi per tzem ber shok

whenever i associate with others
may i think of myself as the lowest of all
and from the depth of my heart
hold the others as supreme.
ghang du su dong dok pei tse
dak nyi khun lei men ta shon
shen la sam ba tak pa yei
chok du chi per tzem ber shok

in all actions may i search into my mind,
and as soon as delusions arise
that endanger myself and others,
may i firmly face and avert them.
kyo lam khun du rang jud la
tak kyei nyon mon ji ma thak
dak shen ma rong jhe pa na
tsen thap don nyei dok par shok

when i see beings of wicked natures,
oppressed by violent misdeeds and afflictions,
may i hold them dear
as if i had found a rare and precious treasure.
rang shen ngeng pei sem jen la
de dhuk drak poi nun thon tse
rin chen dek dang de par shok
nye par kah vi ting zen shok

when others out of envy treat me badly
with abuse, slander, and the like,
may i suffer the defeat,
and offer the victory to them.

when the one whom i have helped
and benefited with great hope
hurts me badly, may i behold him
as my supreme guru.

in short, may i directly and indirectly offer
benefit and happiness to all my mothers.
May i secretly take upon myself the harmful actions
and suffering of my mothers.

may all this remain undefiled by the stains of
keeping in view the eight worldly principles.
may i, by perceving all phenomena as illlusory,
unattached, be delivered from the bondage of samsara.