texts: Bodhiçaryavatara (Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life)

the enemies such as hatred and craving
have neither arms nor legs,
and are neither courageous nor wise,
how, then, have i been used like a slave by them?
for while they dwell within my mind,
at their pleasure they cause me harm;
yet i patiently endure them without anger
but this is an inappropriate and shameful time for patience.
Chapter 4, verses 28 and 29.
should even all the gods and anti-gods
rise up against me as my enemies,
they could neither lead nor place me
in the roaring fires of deepest hell.
but the mighty foe, these disturbing conceptions,
in a moment, can cast me amidst (those flames),
which when met will cause not even the ashes
of the king of mountains to remain.
Chapter 4, verses 30 and 31.
if i agreeably honor and entrust myself (to others),
they will bring me benefit and happiness;
but if i entrust myself to these disturbing conceptions,
in the future they will bring only misery and harm.
Chapter 4, verse 33.
deluded disturbing conceptions! when forsaken by the wisdom eye
and dispelled from my mind, where will you go?
where will you dwell in order to be able to injure me again?
but, weak-minded, i have been reduced to making no effort.
Chapter 4, verse 46.
having found its fuel of dissatisfaction
in the prevention of what i wish for
and in the doing of what i do not want,
hatred increases and then destroys me.
Chapter 6, verse 7.
even if it were the nature of the childish
to cause harm to other beings,
it would still be incorrect to be angry with them.
for this would be like begrudging fire for having the nature to burn.
Chapter 6, verse 39.