intercessor / mediator / conciliator / the in-between


    hermaphrodite: F on left, M on right
    or fused halfway into form of his spouse Parvati.
    A form of Siva.
                                                        Hindu [M/F]
    the bodhisattva of compassion
    Chenresig སྤྱན་རས་གཟིགས་    Kwan-yin
    often portrayed as androgynous or male/female.
                                          Hindu, Buddhism  [O], [M/F]
    feminized male earth spirit;
    often depicted as androgynous 
    or in women's clothes
                                                   Greece [O], [MtF]
    child of Siva and Vishnu-as-female
                                                        Hindu [M/F]
    "Elohim created man in his image.
    In the image of Elohim he created him.
    Male and female he created them."
                                        Judaism (Gen. 1:27) [M/F]
Samba, Sambali    
    cross-dresser, eunuch
        son of Krishna
                                                        Hindu [MtF]
    and his consort are sometimes represented as a
    single androgynous human figure.
                                                    Hindu [M/F], [O]
    the primal earth, combining both 
    male and female attributes
                                                    Neolithic [M/F]
    synthesis of duality; dependent on each other
                                                    Chinese [M/F]

Legend and History:

    dressed as female; as eunuch.
                                                Hindu legend [MtF]
    dressed as male to rule.
                                      15th cent BCE, Egypt [FtM]
    girl dressed as boy by Galatea because Lampros
    would not rear a girl; goddess Leto changed her
    to male when petitioned
                                            ancient Phaestos [FtM]
male/female beings
    In the beginning there were three sexes, 
    one entirely male, one entirely female, 
    and also a third having the characteristics 
    of both men and women.
               Ancient Greek tale, retold by Aristophanes [M/F]
Sardanapalus (Ashurbanipal)
    last of the Assyrian kings; dressed in women's
    clothing and kept company with his concubines
                                                      Persia [MtF]
    female raised as male; as adult turns into male
                                                Hindu legend [FtM]


Aroi society
    boy novices are dressed as women
                                                        Tahiti [MtF]
African rite against evil spirits:
    man secretly leaves his house and puts on 
    women's clothes
                                      Bangala, upper Congo [MtF]
African male puberty rites:
    boy initiates dressed as girls
                                         Masai, nandi, Nuba [MtF]
African female puberty rites:
    girl intiates wear men's clothing
                                                        Sotho [FtM]
African rite against drought
    men dress in female girdles, girls and unmarried
    women dress in brothers' clothes and herd cattle
                                                          Zulu [MtF]
Australian male puberty rites
    subincision of penis, representing vagina
                               indigenous Australian tribes [MtF]
Egyptian peasants
    protect young boys from evil eye by dressing 
    them as girls
                                             modern Egypt [MtF]
Greek and Roman cults
    males dress as women at beginning of 
    initiation ceremony
                                  ancient Greece and Rome [MtF]
Greek marriage ritual
    bride had head shaved and dressed in 
    male clothes until she became pregnant
                                             ancient Sparta [FtM]
Greek marriage ritual
    bride wore a false beard on the wedding night
                                                ancient Argos [FtM]
Greek marriage ritual
    husband put on women's dress to receive bride
                                                  ancient Cos [MtF]
Greek mourning ritual
    men wore women's clothing while in mourning
                                                ancient Lycia [FtM]
India trance ritual
    men put on women's jackets
                                        Gond, Central India [MtF]
Indian hunting ritual
    women dress as men before a hunt
                                        Gond, Central India [FtM]
    change dress of ill child to remove disease
                                several tribes - Java [MtF], [FtM]
    men wear women's clothes when praying with
    urgency for a particular goal
                                        several tribes - Java [MtF]
    ritual transformation of men into women
                                several tribes - New Guinea [MtF]
    dress as women
                                              Araucan, Chile [MtF]
    dress as women, treated as women
                                        Dyaks, Southeast Asia [MtF]
    throw away their rifle, lance, and lasso, 
    and accept a woman's needle and skin scraper
                                            Chuckee, Siberia [MtF]
    wear women's clothes in everyday life
                                             Yahutian, Siberia [MtF]
Torres Strait
    ritual transformation of men into women


    cross-gendered males: sacred beings with 
    special powers and ceremonial roles; 
    intercessor with spirit gods
                                     Myanmar (Burma) [MtF], [O]
    cross-dressing homosexual
                                                 Philippines [MtF]
    gender-transformed; special ceremonial roles.
    European malapropism encompassing many roles
                            in many Amerindian tribes. [MtF], [O]
enaree    dressed as women; prophetic, shamans
                                    5th cent BCE, Scythia [MtF]
gink    male prostitutes - younger men and boys
                                            19th-cent Egypt [MtF]
hijra    "eunuch"  "transvestite"
        castrated; "other"; performers,
        spiritual community
                                   ancient & modern India [MtF]
khal        "dancers"
                                         19th-century Egypt [MtF]
mahu    special role in each district
                                                         Tahiti [MtF]
                    present-day Western culture [MtF], [FtM], [O]
                                          present-day Egypt [MtF]
    "men who wish to resemble women"
                                              9th-cent Islam [MtF]
mutarajjulat    "women who wish to resemble men"
                                              9th-cent Islam [FtM]
nadle    "other"
                                                          Navajo [O]
ninauposkitzipspe   "manly-hearted women"
                                                 North Piegan [FtM]
                                 present-day Western culture [O]
                                  present-day Western culture [O]
sekrata    boys raised as girls
                                         Hovas, Madagascar [MtF]
sererr    "other"
                                                  Pokot, Kenya [O]
third        "third-gendered"
                                 present-day Western culture [O]
                  present-day Western culture [MtF], [FtM], [O]
                  present-day Western culture [MtF], [FtM], [O]
walyeh "female saint": 
    in some sects of dervishes, a protegé 
    who realized perfection became a walyeh
                                                       Muslim [MtF]
xanith    "effeminate"
    not castrated; "other", 
    regarded as neither/both male&female
                                           Islamic Oman [MtF], [O]
The "clown"  butt of jokes 
                 present-day Western culture  [MtF], [FtM], [O]
The "different"  focus of violence 
                 present-day Western culture  [MtF], [FtM], [O]
The cross-gendered child 
    A wished-for occurence, a lucky occasion       
                    cultures of the recent past. [MtF], [FtM], [O]
Rainbow child 
    So special       
                 present-day Western culture  [MtF], [FtM], [O]

intercessor / mediator / conciliator / the in-between